1.3 Buyer Paperwork

These documents/contracts will be used to facilitate the purchase of a home. These are simply the PDF versions and then a short video explanation of each of them. 
Please review them to ensure you understand what you are signing. There are several that are "generic" in that they can be used for any property and then others that are specific to a property and on those will be watermarked the word "draft" but please still do review so you are more familiar when the time comes. 
If you have questions we, of course, can discuss via phone, email, text or in person! 
How to "e-sign" MUST WATCH (2 min.)
   VIDEO explanation
Purchase Contract 
   VIDEO explanation
Agency Disclosure
Market Conditions Advisory 
HOA Addendum
Wire Fraud Advisory
Pre Qualification Form
Buyer Advisory
Buyer Broker Employment Agreement
   VIDEO explanation
This is sent for educational purposes to assist you in understanding the primary documents used to buy a property. This is not time-sensitive to sign (until we start shopping for homes) but Ive found that my clients like to have some time to review so they don't feel rushed.