1.3 Communication Promise

Communication Promise

There are several things I am going to cover every time we talk, and I am going to call you either every Friday or every 7 days. I will update you with market conditions as well as how the market conditions affect your property.

Each Friday I will send you 4 items:

  1. Comparable homes on the market that have sold, went pending, or reduced their price
  2. Lockbox showings so you'll know how many showings we've had
  3. MLS activity report of how many people are looking at your home online
  4. And I'll get you the feedback from agents and of course their buyers

National Association of Realtors (NAR) - Pricing Rules of Thumb:

  • Average 5 showings to get an offer
  • 1-2 showings / week (after the first 2 week "surge") is normal
  • No showings & No offers = 10%+overpriced
  • Showings & No Offers = 3%-5% overpriced
  • First offer is typically the best offer
  • Reevaluate price at least every 21 days

And lastly, once every 3 weeks... we'll do review meetings and go through all the recent activity in the market to make sure we're priced correctly and attracting the right buyers...It is important for us to talk about price and be prepared for a reduction, if necessary. If we don't ... at the end of the day, we really lose, by not being in front of the current market.

Of course, in addition you can call me or email me with questions as they come up.... but we will all sign this promise and know that at a minimum of once a week and/or on Friday's I'll be calling you.

The Guarantee

If for some reason you decide not to sell your property, or you are not satisfied with the services rendered, I ask that you discuss the issue with me and give me a chance to fix it. If I am unable to fix the problem, the listing may be CANCELLED by you anytime. A 15-day written notice is required so that all marketing can be removed.