2.2 Selling Stages (once you get an offer)

First 10 days/Inspection Stage:

Receive copies of the executed contract and all addenda You will receive confirmation that the buyer has deposited earnest funds We will be notified of the day/time of inspections. Expect a minimum of a termite, pool (if applicable), and home inspection. If you have not already turned in your disclosure statement and/or insurance claims history report (provided by your homeowners insurance agent) you will need to do so asap. You will also receive an ID statement from the escrow company to complete right away. This will have your contact information, mort- gage information (if applicable), etc. The escrow company will order HOA CC&R's for the buyer, on your behalf We will review the title commitment that will be issued by the escrow company We will receive the buyer’s inspection notice and copies of any inspection reports to review. This will identify any requested repairs by the buyer. We then have five days to issues a response back to the buyer regarding their request.

Appraisal Stage:

Once repairs are negotiated, the appraisal is the next stage Appraisal will be scheduled and you will be notified of the day/time of that appraisal. Once appraisal comes in at the sales price, we proceed to the pre-closing stage. Note: there is not a lot of activity that happens between pre-closing stage. Other than weekly check-ins with the lender to assure the loan process is proceeding as scheduled.

Pre-Closing Stage:

You'll provide receipts confirming all repairs are completed. 3 days prior to close. You'll send me receipts for all repairs that were completed. You'll want to start coordinating insurance policy cancellations with your agent. **Remember, to keep your policy current until we are officially recorded. The buyer will schedule a final walk through. You will be notified about the day/time of this appointment. We will receive a copy of the settlement statement to review

Closing Stage:

The escrow company will call you to schedule a time to sign your docs. You will notify me of when this appointment is scheduled. **Remember, it is not uncommon for a seller to sign a few days before closing. That is not your closing date, just you’re signing date. You will bring government issued ID to your closing appointment. At this time is when you will then drop off any extra keys, mailbox keys, or garage door openers at the home. They are to be placed in a kitchen drawer for the new owner. Make arrangements to transfer utilities out of our name. Once Official recording is complete, I will call and notify you. You typically receive your funds the day after closing.