2.3 What To Expect During The Home Inspection

What To Expect During The Home Inspection

Your cooperation benefits you!

The inspection time varies based on the size, age, and condition of the home but on average it takes about 3 hours. Then at the end the buyer/their Realtor typically come to review the findings with the inspector for another 30~60 minutes. You do not need to be gone for the inspection portion but please allow the inspector to do their job, it is advised though to vacate when the buyer is doing the review as a courtesy to them.

The inspector will do the following:

EXTERIOR OF THE HOME (the inspector will do the exterior of the home first to allow for any preparation that the seller or occupant may want to do such as covering clothes in a closet that has an attic access).

• Open and check the electric panel

• Walk the grounds 

• Walk the roof 

• Turn on all hose bibs 

• Check the water meter (the inspector will ask you not to turn on the water for a few minutes during this test)

• Check pool equipment if applicable

• Check all the exterior outlets and lights

• Open and close the garage door several times (Please move your car if parked in the garage)

• Check all the garage outlets and trip all GFCI outlets (will unplug full outlets to test)

• Enter any attic access located in the garage


• Turn on all appliances and verify operation

• Clothes washer will be filled and drained to verify that the drain works even when the washer does not convey

• Turn on every light fixture and leave them running for most of the interior part of the inspection is complete (please do not turn them off – the inspector will turn everything off when he is done with the testing) This is part of the load test that he or she is performing

• Check every outlet that he can get to (may move small furniture or unplug full outlets to test) The inspector will trip all GFCI outlets and AFCI breakers (you may have to reset clocks or other components that are plugged into these circuits) Please turn off all computers during the interior portion of the inspection

• Turn on the heat in the home and run it for approximately 15-20 minutes (it will get hot)

• Turn on the air conditioning for approximately 20-60 minutes depending on initial reading (it may get cold)

• Turn on every faucet, shower, flush every toilet a few times, and valve and leave it running for approximately 15-20 minutes (please do not turn them off as this will start the process all over again)

• Move item from under the sinks

• Open and close every window

• Go into the attic (some amounts of insulation and dust may fall out when the access is opened) If the access is located in a bedroom closet (please cover the clothes with a sheet or other to avoid insulation and dust falling on your clothes) The inspection company will clean up as best as possible but will not be sending your clothes to the cleaners)

• Question: who is paying for all the electricity and water? Answer; you the seller or renter

• Question: what is the average cost of utilities that the inspector will use during and inspection (water gas and electricity) Answer; on the average it costs $1250 in utilities